A Stand Alone Power System (SAPS) is a self-contained power station that produces
and provides energy for houses, sheds, offices, factories and more!
This system is made up of a number of different components to produce energy which
includes a generator, solar panels and battery storage to ensure you will never be
without power.

The SAPS is fully automated and requires no human interaction once it has been installed.
There is no need for power already connected to your property,
SAPS IS ALL YOU NEED! Completely off grid and designed to suit individual needs,
the SAPS has been designed and manufactured in Australia with reputable brands,
with exceptional after sales service.


All SAPS have an optional extra to provide online
24/7 monitoring leaving you to rest assured that your energy is taken care of by specialists.
These solutions are great for rural and remote areas.


The new second edition SAPS depicted in the video is a completely mobile system and can be
packed up and set up within an hour. These solutions are perfect for offices, site sheds, farms 
and factories.



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