In today’s world, any mistake you make in setting up a facility can cost your life, time and resources. More than ever, it’s essential to get everything right when setting up a facility, especially with the electrical and communication aspects of the facility. When everything is correctly installed, inspected and certified by experts in the electrical and communication field, you’re sure to have for yourself a strengthened electrical system that will yield results for you.

Not only will working with an experienced electrical consultant give you a strengthened electrical system, but it will also help you save energy that would have been lost to improper set up of the electrical system.

At Nevmat Australia Pty Ltd, our electrical consulting services are structured to spotlight problem areas and find adequate solutions that can help you cut your energy consumption and save you money. Our consulting services include but not limited to contract project management, insurance consulting services contract design services, power analysis, thermal imaging, and reporting, etc. We have a superb track record in completing industrial projects to the highest standards, and our comprehensive suite of electrical consulting services will provide the expertise needed to bring your project to success.

Our Electrical Consulting Team consists of engineers, technicians, project managers, and administrative personnel who are renowned thought leaders in their prospective disciplines. We can work with you on a tightly defined electrical consulting brief, or alternatively, provide an integrated solution that covers all aspects of your electrical needs. We aim to provide complete and hassle-free engineering service to our clients, and our numerous loyal repeat clients are a testament to us achieving this goal. We combine our attitude of project responsibility with our great communication throughout the project to give you the best.

We aim to give you the best in technical expertise and service delivery by investing heavily in the continual training and retraining of our service team and entire staff. We stay up to date with the latest technologies and processes to ensure we always deliver results you can count on.

Are you an Investor, company owner, or industrial electrical contractor?

We understand that you value your time, finance and the quality of service you receive and we work with utmost efficiency to ensure we give you the most affordable electrical consulting services without compromising our quality standards. Our fully experienced and insured professionals are always ready and bring all the tools to the site to ensure you get the best.

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